Dr. Aniruddha Pawar has lately treated me. I must commend him on his competent handling of my situation, which resulted in the correct diagnosis and treatment. Throughout the therapy, I had the feeling that I was in good hands. If you have a heart issue, you should contact him right away.

Pranit Gharat

The very best cardiologist I've encountered in Thane; he's extremely gentle and knowledgeable, and he's never in a rush. He will carefully listen to your concerns and provide us with the most accurate diagnosis possible. I've consulted a number of my friends and family, and everyone has given me the same response. Thank you, doctor, and please keep up the wonderful job.👍🏻

Rajan Mankame

I was very satisfied with Dr Aniruddha Pawar's treatment. Since few days I was suffering from exertional chest pain. Since I have diabetes and High blood pressure, Dr Aniruddha advised angiography. He did my angiography in Bethany hospital, which was a painless procedure. He explained me the findings of angiography after procedure and advised medications. Overall nice experience.

Vinod Kurup

On 08/11/'21 midnight 11.45pm, I felt discomfort and got myself admitted in a local hospital at 00.30am, got my ECG done and hospital forwarded my ECG report to Dr Aniruddha Pawar (Interventional Cardiologist) who visits this hospital, Dr Aniruddha Pawar on going through my reports instructed the doctors on duty to immediately start emergency treatment and Dr Aniruddha Pawar himself arrived within half an hour and made me feel at ease and was beside me till 4am and left once my unbearable pain and discomfort was under control, on 09/11/21, Dr Aniruddha Pawar successfully performed both Angiography and Angioplasty on me and on 19/11/'21 when I visited him for follow up at his Spandan Heart Care Clinic, Lokmanya Society, Near Gajanan Maharaj Mandir, Thane-W,got my ECG and 2D Echo done at his clinic and Dr Aniruddha Pawar said that there vast improvement in my Heart functioning. Thanks a lot Sir, because of your timely intervention that too at early morning 1am, I could recuperate very well.

Shilpa Adhikari

Good hospital and best cardiologist dr. Anniruddha pawar . Very polite and soft spoken and skilled surgeon. Pateint half gets cured by his talking skills. Thane is blessed to have him.

pravesh pandey

Dr. Aniruddha Pawar has made a huge difference in my life. Doctor has a lot of expertise in cardiology, and he treats his patients well and provides them advice on how to stay healthy.

Deepak Jagnade

Doctor was very kind to give ample amount of time in listening our health problems. He reasussed us about treatment. Now after 2 months I am feeling much better .Thank you doctor

Prasad Acharekar

Dr. Aniruddha Pawar is young and very dynamic personality. Very good dignosis and his good interaction helps patient to heal faster.He is very good cardiologist.

Swapnil Mhashilkar

Good experience, we were scared about health condition of our relatives and some other doctor adviced immediate hospital admission but Dr. Aniruddha explained what exactly is problem and assured us about treatment he advised and now he is feeling better. Thank you Dr. Aniruddha Sir.

Asmita Nair

Dr Aniruddha Pawar- Interventional Cardiologist having own consultation clinic at Alpha Speciality Clinic, Lokmanya Society, opp Gajanan Maharaj Mandir, Thane-W and available for consultation at Bethany hospital and Kaushalya hospital is a doctor who is well versed with his subject, gives sufficient time for his patients and explains to his patients in lay man's language.


Very hard working, soft spoken and intelligent doctor. He is very caring for his patient. He is one of best cardiologist .

Amit Singh

One who wants to have best Cardio treatment and opinion definitely can go for Dr Aniruddha Pawar Sir. I know Sir from Parel kem hospital. One of the best Cardiologist now available at Thane.

Mangesh Gaikwad

Honest and hard working. Knowing Dr Anirudhha pawar since 4 years now. Excellent in academics and skills. Down to earth cardiologist,which is rare thing now a days!!

Amita Sontakke

Doctor listened to our problems patiently and gave enough time to make us understand the illness and its solution. We got a genuine advise.

Pawan Singh

He is very soft spoken, humble and kind to patient . He listen very patiently and makes patient and relative very comfortable .. He is one of the best cardiologist..

Vrushali Mankame

He is great qualified cardiologist had a wonderful experience with me. Caring and supportive doctor.


Good experience Very friendly with patients, carefully listens and assures them about their condition. He is Good in intervention.

Pritam Titar

Gem of a doctor. Every heart patient must take his opinion & treatment. Highly skilled, caring & down to earth person.

Vasudha Thakur

Dr Aniruddha you very intelligent dr.you are friendly with pts.you are skillfully and good explainer.you never put money before pts health.you are punctual & efficient.